Die Vereins-Musikanten

Die Vereins-Musikanten

We play and sing German Oktoberfest-style music. Our band appears at all of the Cincinnati-area German fests, big and small.

We are a non-profit band made up primarily of Greater Cincinnatians of European, German-speaking ancestry.  Many of our band members participate in the Kolping, Donauschwaben, Bavarian and Germania clubs.

Our current group was formed by merging the Donauschwaben and Kolping club bands together. Brass bands only work well when they are large enough to cover each part.   These clubs continue to support us by scheduling us to perform at their functions.   Vereins-Musikanten literally translates to “Club Band”.

Our purpose is to have fun and provide entertainment while maintaining an important element of our cultural history, something that is slowly being lost to modern living.  The atmosphere we strive for comes from a time when you had fun by going to a dance, but you could only dance if you had a band, and you only had a band if you had musicians.  There were no iPods, CDs or Pandora in the old country.

Musicians were also a key part of many traditions, to include holidays and mass.   Die Vereins-Musikanten play a number of times each year in the German mass at Old St Mary’s church in Over the Rhine.

So come have fun and party like its 1899